Yes, There IS an Easier Way to
Land More Clients and Boost
Sales While Making the Most of
Your Time and Money

Does it feel like your business is on a seesaw?

There are weeks when you're on top of the world. New clients are calling from out of the blue—and they agree to pay your rate without blinking. Terrific opportunities fall into your lap. You're getting a spike in orders from your web site. And your biggest problem seems to be finding time to handle all the new business.

And then there are weeks when all the callers want to sell you something. A prospect you thought was ready to get started vanishes. You spend an hour meeting with another prospect, who finally tells you he's shopping around and will "let you know." Your online shopping cart is so silent you have to see if it's still working. And then you start wondering if you'll be able to make next month's mortgage payment.

Which week you wake up with seems to depend on a roll of the dice. But it doesn't have to be that way.

You Can Attract All the Clients You Need and Skyrocket Your Sales— Without Breaking the Bank or Laboring Long into the Night

And to do that, you only need two things.

I know because I'm a solopreneur myself and I work with other one and two-person shops all the time. Even in the corporate world, I worked with small businesses like insurance agencies, financial planners, and beer distributors. And I know when you're that small, you're either marketing or making the money—so it pays to choose wisely.

Unfortunately, plenty of people out there make their livelihood by trying to persuade small business owners to buy marketing services they don't need. What you DON'T need is:

  • Outrageously expensive, flashy web sites
  • An agency requiring a steep monthly retainer
  • A big yellow pages listing
  • Pricey ads in the local paper
  • TV "interviews" you have to pay for

What you DO need is marketing that gets results. And that requires:


  1. Consistent and effective marketing strategies that make the best use of your time and money.
  2. Consistent and compelling copy that gets your prospects attention and shows them you have the perfect—and unique—solution for their problem.

So you get the right message to the right people, consistently.

Ready to find out how?

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All the Best!

Tracy Needham

Tracy Needham



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“Wow, what a great job! I was so excited to see it looking so enticing. I showed it to a friend of mine, and her first comment was “Where do I sign up?!” And I really like the title you gave my special report. The greatest line of all though is the description of the report—which really made me laugh. It is such a perfect statement, with such a surprise ending. What a great job...”

--Diane Eisenman, Inner Guidance Counseling